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4 gary smith portraits collaged together

Quick Portrait Drawing with Soft Pastel

Join this fascinating workshop with Gary Smith, and get great success in your portrait drawings!

Sat May 16th, 10-4
LucSculpture School & Studies, 663 Greenwood Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 4B3

Gary's E.T.A. Method for Quick Portraits as Easy as 1, 2 , 3
Fee: $135 + HST (includes all materials & Model fees) Any level of drawers are welcome!

Gary has done thousands of portraits throughout his artistic career. The challenge of life portrait drawing is that typically there is only 5 to 15 minutes with a model to complete the work. Through his experience and out of necessity, Gary has developed his own process, called E.T.A. Method, which works amazingly for drawing the quick portraiture.

E.T. A. method stands for:

  1. ESSENCE: the common factor in ALL great art
  2. TRUTH: A Quick Portrait does not mean drawing as fast as you can go. It means being seriously selective. Gary will talk about and demonstrate his method.
  3. ABANDON: As soon as your stated goal has been achieved, you need to let go.

During this workshop, you will learn Gary's E.T.A. method and how to quickly capture the essence of the face, select and exaggerate the character, and choose the colours to create a mood. In a morning part, he will show you some sample works and you will also draw fast expressive portraits from the photograph using conté and soft pastels.

The afternoon will begin with a demo by Gary and you will use this method to draw portraits from live models in a short space of time. The day will end with a critique of what was positive and surprising.

Gary will provide an exercise to practice at home to substantially improve your skills in your pace.

Join this fascinating workshop by Gary Smith, and get a great success in your portrait drawings!

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