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portrait of young woman

BE UNIQUE: Unlock Your Unique Style

There is no need to have your paintings look like everyone else’s.

Sat May 3rd and Sun May 4th, 9-4 each day.

In this workshop you will work towards clearly identifying your own personal Visual Preference and narrowing them down to 2 or 3 of the highest value to you. 

This is about personal awareness. Of course you might painting different kinds of paintings and have different styles but do you have at least one that is uniquely yours? 

Be prepared to explore and paint quick 6" studies of many opposite visual elements and principles and rate them according to your own preferences. The opposites for each study will be explained prior to the exercise(s) and then after the exercises the teacher will demonstrate (sometimes by his videos) the natural application or effects of each of the opposites.

This is abut YOU so use the medium of your choice. 

It will be useful if you can email examples your paintings that you consider are your favourites and that show your painting 'style(s)' as you think of it before the workshop.

You will be given a long list of possibilities. We will have time to test out many but not all of them. After the workshop you can continue to work through any remaining pairs that interest you.

Subsequent Steps After the Workshop

Apply your style to your new paintings. Refine your thoughts. Push your style as far as you can.

Then and only then you might wish to pursue an advanced mentoring program with Gary Smith to really PUSH YOUR STYLE TO THE MAX so that is unique. His mentoring includes how to refine and market your new paintings.