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Module 5 :
Colouring Your Portraits

Module 5 will be in oils focusing on how to paint flesh and the techniques of dry brush, scumbling and glazing.


Time: 1:00PM to 4:00PM or 6:30PM to 9:00PM (Flexible)


Materials Required: Oil paints, rags, palett knife, cups for oil and solvent), and brushes ( at least one small round bristle (for scumbling) and one 1/4" flat synthetic for glazing. I will have printed 3 small copies of your grisaille on paper.

Location: 7 Labatt Ave., Studio 104B, Toronto, M5A 1Z1 near Shuter St. and River St.
NOTE: Doors are locked after 5:00PM. To be let in, please call Gary at 416-910-5535

Parking: Students use the free ROVER Parking app to find available parking (usually right next door in the Salvation Army parking lot. There is easy TTC access. The closest TTC stops are River st. on the Dundas Bus or River St. on the Queen St. East line

Fee: $330 ($300 for 6 weeks, + $30 supplies to print your grisaille or other B&W photo in three 10×12″ copies )

Payment: Call or text 416-910-5535 or email for e-transfer details

Questions: Call Gary at 416-910-5535

student work in progress

Student work in progress from Module 5.

"Gary has helped me "see" those important components that make a painting interesting; Composition, values, warm and cool, etc. He always brings something new to class that adds to the many layers of art appreciation and enhances our understanding of the process involved in creating art."



Question #1 in every beginner’s painting class is, “How do you colour flesh?” Well, you will learn in this class. Learn and practice the colouring of portraits using different oil painting techniques such as glazing and stumbling and wet-in-wet. We will use oils again but this time in full colour. There will be videos shown plus demos.

The class will decide whether they want models for painting them Alla Prima. Alternatively, your grisaille can be coloured using the techniques taught. Moreover, one cold print out the grisaille a few times and use those for the exercises.

Your preparation: At least one week before the first class send to Gary a B&W photograph of a portrait or of your grisaille by email. Gary will get them printed on two canvases. This is called a Giclée. Bring your own supplies (except easels) plus the reproduced B&W images on canvases. The size is up to you. It could be 12” x 16” or larger.

7 Week Agenda

Day 1 What Colour is Flesh?
Day 2 Glazing
Day 3 Scumbling
Day 4 Dry Brush
Day 5 Studio Practice
Day 6 Studio Practice
Day 7 Studio Practice

portrait of man

work in progress