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Module 2:
Draw Like the Masters (analytically)

Learn the ‘3 Colour Technique’ from the masters such as Holbein, Raphael and Watteau on toned, sometimes rough paper (white chalk and pencils supplied). Focus on drawing the portrait, features, shadows & organizing colours and temperature from drawings and photographs. This module or prior Academy training are a prerequisite for the other modules except #3. This addresses the skills foundation important for all visual artists. Understand the features of the head and face and how to render these forms in 3D. Lots of homework will be given plus practice from CLASSICAL DRAWINGS.


Standard Times: 1:00PM to 4:00PM or 6:30PM to 9:00PM (Flexible) 


Materials Required: None. All are supplied.

Location: 7 Labatt Ave., Studio 104B, Toronto, M5A 1Z1 near Shuter St. and River St. 
NOTE: Doors are locked after 5:00PM. To be let in, please call Gary at 416-910-5535

Parking: Students use the free ROVER Parking app to find available parking (usually right next door in the Salvation Army parking lot. There is easy TTC access. The closest TTC stops are River st. on the Dundas Bus or River St. on the Queen St. East line

Fee: $320 ($300 + $20 supplies)

Payment: Call or text 416-910-5535 or email for e-transfer details

Questions: Call Gary at 416-910-5535

student drawing

Student draws her granddaughter in module 2 class.

"Gary fosters an appreciation of classic and contemporary artists with an analytical approach to their work. His enthusiasm for painting is infectious and his methodology of teaching results in personal growth and satisfaction among his students."



This level will give more time for working on the major projects in class. There will also be longer video tutorials that support our projects.

Initially, there will be a warm up project to copy a Michael Mentler profile. This will begin to introduce such items as colour and orientation lines.

The main Project will be studies in the ancient art of 3 Colour Portraits as practiced by Peter Paul Rubens, Holbein and Watteau for example.

Your drawing process will start to be more freehand and explorational with less physical measurement and more measuring by sight.

6 Week Agenda

Day 1 The 3 Colour Technique, Intro & Materials Preparation
Gesture, proportions and planning
Ex. Copy a drawing by Michael Mentler
Day 2 Temperature, and rendering flesh in 3 colours
Ex. Copy a drawing by Peter Paul Rubens
Day 3 Shading by various Hatching techniques
Ex. Copy a drawing by Holbein
Day 4 Massing
Ex. Copy a drawing by Watteau
Day 5 Adding Lights
Ex. Copy a drawing by Rob Liberace
Day 6 Finishing
What to double check for finishing
Complete projects

profile drawing of a face

coloured portrait of man

portrait of woman

sketch of woman's profile