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Module 1:
See & Draw with Accuracy (slowly and carefully)

The focus will be on understanding and rendering the features of the head, accuracy, shapes, shadows, and edges. This is the only module with homework. Practice will be from classical drawings. This module or prior Academy training are a prerequisite for the other modules except #3.


Standard Times: 1:00PM to 4:00PM or 6:30PM to 9:00PM (Flexible) 


Materials Required: Pencils GB, 2b 4b eraser and sketchbook

Location: 7 Labatt Ave., Studio 104B, Toronto, M5A 1Z1 near Shuter St. and River St.
NOTE: Doors are locked after 5:00PM, if you are late please call Gary at 416-910-5535

Parking: Students use the free ROVER Parking app to find available parking (usually right next door in the Salvation Army parking lot. There is easy TTC access. The closest TTC stops are River st. on the Dundas Bus or River St. on the Queen St. East line

Fee: $320 ($300 for 6 weeks + $20 for supplies)

Payment: Call or text 416-910-5535 or email for e-transfer details

Questions: Call Gary at 416-910-5535

gary teaching

Gary does group critiques in class for practical learning.

"The greatest piece of luck I had as a beginning painter was to meet Gary Smith. I have benefitted from his enthusiasm, his broad and deep knowledge and his unique ability to make his students believe in themselves."



This course is the first in a continuous curriculum about portraiture. It is not meant for wishful artists who expect to be professionals overnight without the work, time, and guidance required for a solid foundation. It would be great to go to Florence and study in a formal Art Academy full time for 5 years. Sadly, not everyone has the time, freedom nor the finances for that.

Instead, you have now stepped up to this opportunity. Apply yourself with as much time and resolve as you can. Module 1 is a lite version of the Art Academy's initial training. Portraiture is the theme of the curriculum and there will be plenty of exercises from only minutes to a few weeks in duration. Hopefully, this will challenge you and hone your focus, awareness, concentration and endurance. Initially, you will be exhausted by the end of the evening. You will feel your drawing and concentration muscles become stronger throughout the curriculum.

Demos and videos will supplement instruction and practice.

To guarantee success, a commitment is required of you to surrender to the process, slow down, practice a few hours a week at home and to continue through the 5 levels.

Emphasis will be focused on "seeing", on drawing accurately and on visual knowledge of anatomy of the face and head as well as aesthetic considerations. Just getting through the features and rendering of the face will take 2 full modules.

6 Week Agenda adapted to your own flexible attendance

Day 1 Shadow Shapes, Accuracy, Overall Face Shape
Day 2 Measuring and Making an Accurate 'Cartoon'
Day 3 Rendering Final Drawing & Intro to Eyes
Day 4 Nose, Mouth & Draw Portrait from a Photo
Day 5 Skull and Ear
Day 6 Muscles of the Face, Neck, Shoulders, & Drawing Hair