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close up of painting of white dog with black spots

Custom Fine Art Commissions

a collage of two pastel portraits of young girls, one pastel portrait of a man, and one pastel portrait of a dog

Get accessible, affordable and meaningful art through commissioning a custom work with Gary Smith. Work can be portraiture or pet portraiture done in Gary's bold and unique style capturing the essence of the subject and atmosphere in his intimate personal style with his own colourization using the pastel medium. Pastels use the same pigment as those used in oil paints, however applied dry rather than mixed with oil. It has a timeless appeal and has been used in great works of art and by the masters, Redon, Degas, Cassatt, Hassam, Millet and Chase.

All commissions are done under contract, and include the basic terms: 50%-50% payment structure, visual references, reproduction and exhibition rights.

Prices: Prices range depending on size and/or style plus an extra specifics requested such as heirlooms, furniture, horses, etc. as well as medium. Upon discussion, price will be negotiated. Estimated prices do not include applicable sales tax and/or duties nor shipping costs. Framing not included. Pricing starts at $1,200 for a pastel portrait and $5,000 for an oil portrait.

Timeline and Process: Your desired delivery date will set the pace for the contract, payment schedule, and the deadlines for receiving any materials. If the commissioned work is a gift, you will be asked to supply digital photos and explanations about objectives, personalities, and what feelings or attributes are to be conveyed. The better and deeper everything is understood, the more meaningful will be the results. The artist may request the opportunity to take more photographs. For best results the photos must be large, clear, and have good light and shading. For live in-studio sitting sessions, dates and times will be arranged.

When you commission Gary for a custom work, you are commissioning him for his own style and vision.

If you would like to start the process of commissioning a custom work, contact