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Gary Smith Painting

Gary Smith has a BA in Fine Art, Teacher Degree and Art Supervisor Certificate. An artist and art coach who is a graduate from The Faculty of Art, Guelph University and teaches Drawing and Painting at LucSculpture, does murals and portraits and exhibits frequently. Gary has done a few thousand portraits, beginning when he professionally drew portraits at Expo ’67 in Montreal for 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. He also offers unique "Escape with Gary Art Workshop" here in Canada and abroad.

Artist's Statement

Gratefully I am "living the dream" of the artist's life.

My main interests have always been people, pets and light and shadow which I enjoy in painting what I experience around me.

Fortunately, I now travel to paint and exhibit my art in Asia and Paris as well as in Canada. Lately as part of Eureka Global Art I go to China as part of their Belt and Road Initiative. I really love it and enjoy the the cross cultural aspects of sharing my own art with other artists. The art sensibilities of Chinese artists are different that ours and that opens up a whole new world of ideas for me to explore.

We have been hosted by amazing art supporters in China who have been most gracious to us. I have been collected by Art Museums in China and through Eureka Global Art am now under contract to the prominent and very important Art Collector, My. Yan Lu Gen in Nanjing.

In our November trip to Lanxi City I did many portraits in pastels (a medium and activity I totally love) of the Ministers of Zhejiang Province. That was a most wonderful experience.

My murals have always been adventures in themselves from Synagogues to on cliffs high above the ocean. I do portrait commissions and murals.

Image of two drawings of a woman in a class full of easels

Art Escapes offers a wide range of classes, workshops, and learning opportunities for beginner and advanced artists. Taught by award-winning artist, Gary Smith, "The Portraiture Curriculum" has been a long standing favourite with artists coming back year over year to retake lessons and advance their skills. Student testimonials illustrate the full power of these sessions.

"The greatest piece of luck I had as a beginning painter was to meet Gary Smith. I have benefitted from his enthusiasm, his broad and deep knowledge and his unique ability to make his students believe in themselves." - Anne, Level 1 Portraiture

Each Art Escapes Portraiture Curriculum session is studio-based and focuses on a particular technique. Each lesson layers upon the next allowing the students to continually grow their skills towards developing the full portrait.

Through Art Escapes Shop, artists can connect with Gary Smith for Critiques and Mentoring that helps participants find direction for their paintings as well as exploratory sessions on developing their own unique styles.

Artists and collectors who would like to purchase or commission one of Gary Smith's work can do so through the Fine Art Commissions page of the Art Escapes website.